Comparison Of Netflix Online Vs. DVD-By-Mail Services

Netflix is a service that provides movies and full seasons of television episodes at an affordable cost without having to make a trip to a video rental store.

DVD Service

Netflix offers a DVD service that mails DVDs you select to your home. You can rent an unlimited amount of DVDs; however, you can only receive two of them at a time. There is no due date on the movies so you can return them by mail with a prepaid envelope whenever you want. This service has millions of titles to choose from, including both movies and television shows from almost all networks. This service starts at 16.99 dollars a month, and there is no contract so you can cancel at any time.

Online Streaming Service

The online streaming service provided by Netflix comes with the DVD option, or you can choose to get just the online service for 7.99 dollars a month. This service also provides several movies and television shows but the options are more limited than the DVD-by-mail service. You can still watch full seasons of shows, but premium networks like HBO and Showtime often aren’t available except with DVD. Many movies are also unavailable to online subscribers because Netflix has yet to attain contract rights from many major movie production studios such as Sony. They are currently working on getting better contracts with production studios in order to open up their availability, and are continuously offering more movie titles, but there is still much more available with the DVD service.

Netflix is an extremely affordable movie and television option that many people are beginning to choose because it is available on the computer, TVs, and many gaming devices, and is also much cheaper than video rental stores. While there are still some competitors, Netflix has grown to be possibly the biggest provider of movies on the market.