Benefits Of Using Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an online streaming service that offers television shows from several networks to watch at your convenience rather than when they air. This can be a complete alternative to cable television for most people because it offers not only the most recent television episodes to air, but also previous seasons.

While Hulu is free for people that just want to watch recent television episodes, Hulu Plus offers more features than regular subscribers. Paying the 7.99 per month does not remove the advertisements, but it does offer some other good features.

Most shows are available to Hulu watchers the day after they air; however, many episodes are not available until eight days after they air, this all depends on Hulu’s agreements with those networks. Many networks also only allow for up to five episodes to be available at a time. With Hulu Plus, you can watch all shows the day after they air, even the ones from networks like Fox that are not available until eight days later. In addition, with Plus you can watch not only the most current episodes but also all the previous seasons as well. This can be great for people that just got interested in a show that has already been running for a few years.

While Hulu mostly focuses on television shows, it does offer some made for TV movies to its subscribers. With Hulu Plus you can gain access to many more movies, but do not expect these to be blockbuster hits. Most of the movies are older classics that cannot be found anywhere else.

For only a few dollars extra a month, Hulu Plus Subscribers can gain access to several more episodes and movies and also have the convenience of watching the show the day after it has aired, in some cases even before they air.

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