Hulu Plus vs Netflix – The Winner

Hulu Plus vs Netflix – The Winner

In the battle of Hulu Plus vs Netflix, there won’t really only be one clear-cut winner. A lot of people were very upset with Netflix and their CEO who goes by the name Reed Hastings. The company decided to jack up their subscription price and make it 60% higher than it used to be and they literally did this overnight without any warning whatsoever. But the real truth is that there didn’t seem to be too many people drop off of their subscriptions.

But did this major price increase actually show us the true winner of the battle of Hulu Plus vs Netflix? Before we get into that, the one thing you need to know is that this service from Hulu Plus is significantly cheaper at eight dollars as opposed to the price of Netflix which is between $16-$18 depending on which particular package you have. And one good thing that Hulu does for students in college is they give any e-mail address with a .edu extension one free month’s trial of their service.

Another really good thing that I know you will appreciate about Hulu Plus is that they really take care of their customers when it comes to original TV shows. They keep them totally up-to-date, but you can also get access to previous seasons and the shows that are currently running at the time. One more really cool Hulu Plus exclusive feature is the footage they can show you behind the scenes from such networks as Fox, NBC and ABC as well.

The main thing you need to recognize in the fight of Hulu Plus vs Netflix is the style of media watcher you actually are. If you are the kind of person who loves watching TV then you will certainly want to choose Hulu Plus over Netflix because they are all about TV shows and nothing more. But if you are really into movies and could care less about TV, then Netflix is obviously going to be the ideal service for you.

It’s really tough to figure out who is the better service when it comes to Hulu Plus vs Netflix because they are similar but different services. So you have to make the choice of who is the winner and base it solely on your preference of TV over movies. To me, Hulu Plus wins hands down because I am a TV show junkie. But you might be the opposite so only you can make this choice.

The Current State Of Entertainment: Hulu Plus Vs Netflix

Hulu Plus vs Netflix broken down:

Online streaming and direct mail movies are the current direction of the entertainment business. Two of leading competitors are Netflix and Hulu Plus. Both provide instant viewing for subscribers that can be instantly streamed to their televisions.

The main difference between Hulu Plus vs Netflix is the direct mail of Netflix movie collection. Hulu Plus is a streaming only business. Netflix allows subscribers to have movies mailed to their house from their many warehouses around the country that store thousands of movies. Subscribers can chose between having one, two, three, four, or five movies out at a time with anytime instant streaming. The pricing scale dramatically increases determining which plan the subscriber chooses. For one movie out at a time plus instant streaming, it costs about $16 dollars a month. The price increases by a couple dollars more depending on the amount of movies out. Subscribers can also chose to have only DVDs by mail without anytime instant streaming. This only costs $11.99 for two DVDS out at a time. Finally subscribers can chose the instant streaming only option which is the cheapest option and costs $7.99.

Hulu Plus is a streaming only business that focuses more on offering unlimited television to subscribers. Some movies are available, but the real lure is the extensive collection of current and past seasons of television series. Hulu Plus costs $7.99 per month which is on par with Netflix’s streaming only services.

Netflix’s extensive instant viewing library of movie and television series is why most people chose Netflix over Hulu Plus. Netflix has thousands of movies available for instant streaming. They also have agreements with movie production companies to stream entire series of many popular and cult television series. Netflix does not instantly stream recently released films, but their collection does include many critically acclaimed and popular older films.

A feature that both Netflix and Hulu Plus have that is instant streaming directly to the subscribers television. Agreements with video game companies allow users to watch movies through their video game consoles. Many Blue Ray players also allow instant viewing, along with some DVR players. Netflix even has instant streaming devices that subscribers can purchase on their site. Users can also watch both Netflix and Hulu Plus on the go through their computers, smart phones, and tablet devices.

Netflix and Hulu Plus allow subscribers to watch whatever they want, when they want. It is an appeal that cable sometimes does not allow. Both have their own distinct features, but they are both a testament to the ever changing entertainment industry.

Comparison Of Netflix Online Vs. DVD-By-Mail Services

Netflix is a service that provides movies and full seasons of television episodes at an affordable cost without having to make a trip to a video rental store.

DVD Service

Netflix offers a DVD service that mails DVDs you select to your home. You can rent an unlimited amount of DVDs; however, you can only receive two of them at a time. There is no due date on the movies so you can return them by mail with a prepaid envelope whenever you want. This service has millions of titles to choose from, including both movies and television shows from almost all networks. This service starts at 16.99 dollars a month, and there is no contract so you can cancel at any time.

Online Streaming Service

The online streaming service provided by Netflix comes with the DVD option, or you can choose to get just the online service for 7.99 dollars a month. This service also provides several movies and television shows but the options are more limited than the DVD-by-mail service. You can still watch full seasons of shows, but premium networks like HBO and Showtime often aren’t available except with DVD. Many movies are also unavailable to online subscribers because Netflix has yet to attain contract rights from many major movie production studios such as Sony. They are currently working on getting better contracts with production studios in order to open up their availability, and are continuously offering more movie titles, but there is still much more available with the DVD service.

Netflix is an extremely affordable movie and television option that many people are beginning to choose because it is available on the computer, TVs, and many gaming devices, and is also much cheaper than video rental stores. While there are still some competitors, Netflix has grown to be possibly the biggest provider of movies on the market.

Benefits Of Using Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an online streaming service that offers television shows from several networks to watch at your convenience rather than when they air. This can be a complete alternative to cable television for most people because it offers not only the most recent television episodes to air, but also previous seasons.

While Hulu is free for people that just want to watch recent television episodes, Hulu Plus offers more features than regular subscribers. Paying the 7.99 per month does not remove the advertisements, but it does offer some other good features.

Most shows are available to Hulu watchers the day after they air; however, many episodes are not available until eight days after they air, this all depends on Hulu’s agreements with those networks. Many networks also only allow for up to five episodes to be available at a time. With Hulu Plus, you can watch all shows the day after they air, even the ones from networks like Fox that are not available until eight days later. In addition, with Plus you can watch not only the most current episodes but also all the previous seasons as well. This can be great for people that just got interested in a show that has already been running for a few years.

While Hulu mostly focuses on television shows, it does offer some made for TV movies to its subscribers. With Hulu Plus you can gain access to many more movies, but do not expect these to be blockbuster hits. Most of the movies are older classics that cannot be found anywhere else.

For only a few dollars extra a month, Hulu Plus Subscribers can gain access to several more episodes and movies and also have the convenience of watching the show the day after it has aired, in some cases even before they air.